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Stage: The Sounding / Element: Water
“A river seems a magic thing. A magic, moving, living part of the very earth itself.
~Laura Gilpin

The River Wild

Opening your awareness to the what is that’s causing resistance within you is a vital first step. But it’s not a magic pill. You may awaken enough to know you’re not living optimally or in alignment with that which you wish to express. However, it takes far more excavation to unearth the root cause of your willingness to allow a state of resistance to have been—or to be—permeating your life.

Slowly and thoroughly, we’ll move toward unlocking your unique expression, which will require seeding—the careful introduction of specific concepts or ideas. Seeding allows the concepts being highlighted to marinate under the radar (in the unconscious) away from the mind and the ego’s ever-ready surface-to-air missile defense system. Once we’re preparing to shift concept (idea) to creation (practice), we’ll have a better chance of bypassing the mind’s tendency to stagnate in resistance.

In that vein, there are two major themes to seed into your unconscious while in this period of dawning self-awareness: first, “Do I feel I deserve that which I’m driven to express?” and second, “Do I feel I can manifest that which I’m driven to express?” Breaking it down further, expression is what creates resonance, and resonance is what clears the way for expression and, ultimately, joy. As with all things in life, the map to expression flows circularly—it all starts and ends with you.

It’s important to understand that in this context we are not, and should not be, confusing deserve with entitlement. In the Grid Work, to feel the current of deserving simply means you are accepting the goodness of that which the Universe, through Source connection, is holding in trust for you.

Expanding on this first theme: imagine you created a lightbulb of hand-blown glass with painstakingly spun golden filaments—a creation into which you’ve woven and molded the threads of your very soul. As the bulb’s creator, would you then deny the bulb the right to an electric (Source) current, which would, in essence, allow it to shine, thereby fulfilling its purpose for having been created?

No, you wouldn’t. Instead, you’d move heaven and earth to give it the breath of life it deserved. You’d find a way to bring current to the bulb, no matter the sacrifice, until it lit up the night. Why? Because at the nucleus of your existence is the desire to create (bulb) and to be part of all that is (current).

So then, just as you would offer your creation the right to connect to a current and fuel its purpose, Source holds in trust for you that same current until you’re ready to accept the connection and believe you deserve to harness its limitless power. In a state of resistance to what is or that which you’re born to express, you’ve essentially forgotten that you’re an instrument of light. You live in darkness not because you want to, but because you’re disconnected from the Source that gives you license to eradicate it.

The second theme, manifesting that which you’re driven to express, requires you to move from deserving to serving, meaning you’ve accepted your right to the current and are now open to being in service, or lit up. You’re willing to connect and practice harnessing the current that’s been held in trust for, and entrusted to, you. To clarify, the term service in this instance is not akin to servant. Rather, it means to be in service to—and awakened by—your individual expression in any given moment and in life. In essence, you’re plugged in and in flow with Source, Universal, and Grid current, thereby activating the Grid Work.

Like water, Grid current flows and creates a charged river that can carve a path through any terrain. Grid current is to water what rain is to parched earth: it gives life, nourishes and comingles to propagate the promise of creation. Seeing as your body is more than 60 percent water, current conduction is inevitable; the decision to bring into your awareness is what you choose to conduct: Source energy (Grid) or emotion (mind).

Energy and emotion are both currents and have the capacity to build in velocity, but they flow in opposing directions, as energy moves you toward that which you are born to express (in co-creation with Grid) and emotion moves you away from that which you are born to express (in co-creation with mind). Oftentimes, emotions are confused with feelings; however, they differ in that emotions are the mind’s and ego’s tools for keeping you separate (disconnected from the Grid) while feelings are heart-based, the antennae for the energetic current moving you toward that which you’re born to express (connected to the Grid).

Let’s look at a practical example. Ask a person what they think (mind/ego) about their overbearing boss, and you’ll most likely receive an emotional response: “What a jerk. He’s so controlling and irrational. He drives me insane.” Within the grips of emotion, this person is completely disconnected from their conscious awareness; they are essentially asleep and being driven by the ego’s need to defend, blame, and defame. The danger with being in this state is that this person is moving away from the current of whom they actually are; they are in resistance to what is, and therefore, misaligned with the—and their—truth.

Ask a person how they feel (heart) about their overbearing boss, and you’ll receive a deeper response: “He doesn’t see the value I bring to the team. He doesn’t allow me to use my talents. I’m suffocating.” In touch with the heart, this person is in flow and moving with Grid current. They are consciously aware and not in a state of resistance to what is, which in this example is a boss who doesn’t see or value them.

A person in touch with their feelings is a person connected to the Grid. Feelings are jellyfish-like tentacles that reach out and explore the world around them, then eventually lock onto the Source current fueling all that is. In this state, this person has access to their expression, and more importantly, their core authenticity. In our example, this person choosing feelings over emotions has brought a fundamental element into the equation: truth. This person’s feelings (antennae to Grid current) have brought into their awareness the fact that they are in danger of moving out of flow—away from that which they are born to express.

Here’s what they learn from their willingness to choose feelings instead of emotions: “He doesn’t see the value I bring to the team” translates to “I’m valuable and deserve the opportunity to express” (to be in flow). “He doesn’t allow me to use my talents” translates to “I know I’m talented and I desire the opportunity to embrace and shine my unique light” (to connect to the Grid energy and co-create). “I’m suffocating” translates to “I’m in darkness and I know, innately, I have the capacity to extricate myself” (harnessing the current of connection to illuminate that which is in darkness and flow).

What will happen now is a miracle in the making. With this person in acceptance of what is and aware of their truth, they will be in flow; as a result, they will resonate with the pulse of co-creation. Their signal, or energetic signature, will move from I am what is done to me to I am what is made for me—and what is made for them, for all of us, for you, is the very spark of creation.

In this magical co-creative space, fear cannot hold you. Suffering cannot suffocate you and resistance loses its power to drown you in stagnant waters. Buoyant and light-filled, you need only unleash the current of Universal flow, jump in, and ride the river wild.

Raft Not Included

Riding the river is a gloriously freeing experience, but it’s not without its learning curve. You’ll be bruised, bloodied, and water-choked along the way, but with every mile the river flows and with every minute you stay in its current-filled waters, you will get stronger and steadier.

Contrary to what most believe, water doesn’t necessarily choose the path of least resistance. In truth, water’s flow is at the mercy of both gravity and terrain. In this case, gravity is your soul’s desire (purest expression) and terrain is your sole connection (relationship with self). Gravity, via a desire to express, pulls water toward it and works in conjunction with its flow. Terrain, via the status of the relationship with self, determines water’s path and dictates its speed of flow, or depth of stagnation.

When we talk about relationship with self, it’s important to set some parameters of understanding: relationship with self does not imply a mental construct, nor does it imply that nothing else matters. Relationship with self simply means, “I am aligned with the Grid, receiving Source flow and consistently bringing that which would cause suffering—to myself and others—into my conscious awareness.”

This is not to be confused with being selfish, self-centered, or self-interested, which are states of being driven by the mind and ego (“I am my own Universe”). What’s being outlined in relationship with self is driven and projected through Source (“I am a pillar within the Universe”).

Further distilled, we have self-centeredness: “What happens to me is my reality” translates to “defend and destroy.” Versus, relationship with self: “My reality is what I make happen” translates to “comingle and co-create.” In the latter instance, self can be defined as Source’s and Grid’s conduit for Universal expression. Ultimately, you are the vessel through which Source expresses creation and your unique inspiration turns that creation into that which you’re born to express; the zenith of a co-creative Universal partnership and your path to joy.

Joy is a super signal that resonates outward—a frequency for transmitting, receiving, and attracting. Comparatively, suffering is also a frequency offering mirrored functions, but it differs in one critical aspect: suffering can only attract and transmit more suffering (static resonance), whereas joy can attract and transmit all that falls within its light-bearing signal (amplified resonance). Putting the concept into elemental form, we recognize that far more life can be sustained in clean flowing waters than can be in toxic stagnant waters.

Once you bring your resistance to what is into your consciousness awareness, you can move into reflection and, eventually, flow. Reflection allows you to float just outside the threshold of acceptance, giving you the opportunity to explore your passing resistance while working your way toward accepting the truth, or what is.

Reflection can be an incredibly useful state of being, as it fosters self-exploration and gives the unconscious mind permission to release information necessary to move you forward. Naturally, the unconscious is programmed to do this, but only in circumstances where it deems the environment safe and you stable enough to constructively process what’s being released. Moreover, reflection shifts stagnancy into gentle flow while gradually washing away toxicity and bringing in freshly oxygenated water to nourish your soul.

With reflection having replaced resistance, your resonant signal rises in frequency and begins flirting with possibility and inspiration. These two channels are essential for expression and with even the smallest amount of the stardust they emit, you can defy gravity, reshape rugged terrain, and turn streams into rushing rivers.

How to Move the Mountain

Grid Focus: Self-assessment
Elemental Phase: I am but a mountain stream.

  • Get still and breathe deeply until the sound of your own breathing is the only thing you hear—the only sound registering in your conscious mind. Once you’re in this serene and quiet space, move to the next step.
  • In your mind’s eye, imagine a large white canvas in front of you. In your hand is a single paintbrush already loaded with paint. Keep breathing deeply, then thoughtfully ask your soul to paint the terrain and landscape surrounding it—the place where your soul resides. It’s important not to engage the mind here, only the soul. The less you think, the better—just paint. Watch the canvas as the terrain and landscape take shape; stay focused on the freedom of painting versus what is being Once your painting is complete, put the brush down and move to the next step.
  • Study the terrain and landscape surrounding your soul. How do you feel when observing what’s been painted? With your feelings as fuel, move into a state of reflection on where you are and what the painting is depicting. Once you are experiencing reflection, meaning there is no trace of resistance, move to the next step.
  • Ask yourself (gently and without judgment): “Does the terrain and landscape surrounding me foster acceptance and joy?” Stay in the space of reflection and notice what comes into your awareness. There is some seeding going on here, as your unconscious will release information that will, if not now, eventually move you forward. Breathe deeply and hold the reflective space until you feel your body growing light and buoyant. Once you reach this physical state, it indicates your unconscious release is complete for this assessment (it will continue releasing more as the Grid Work goes deeper).
  • Be kind and gentle with your body and heart after this exercise, and most importantly, drink plenty of water while repeating the silent mantra, “I am in flow with that which I am born to express.”


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