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I am a person who slowly awoke and found myself restless, yearning, and hungry. Although I am not a scientist, psychologist, or spiritualist, what I learned on my journey toward meeting myself and embodying my true expression is the impetus for creating this work and writing this book.

For the last ten years, I’ve been on a deeply personal path toward actualization—a journey rewarding in its ability to foster clarity and conscious living. If I’m honest, I didn’t choose to step onto the path.

I was pushed.

I was thrust out of my comfort zone onto a path that has led me back to myself, and I wouldn’t change or reverse the walk I’ve taken—and am continuing to take—for anything in the world.

Organically, I began noticing that people around me were gravitating toward their own respective paths and, in so doing, were longing for like-minded fellowship; comrades to walk with and among when they needed support. In seeing this trend increase exponentially, specifically over the past few years, I began writing, coaching, and opening up my own experience as a way of bringing a sense of unity to those on this journey.

Between coaching others and my own personal experience, I’ve uncovered an absolute Universal truth: you are what resonates from deep within your being, the unique expression only you were given—one that rises up through the floor of your soul and sends shockwaves through your heart. You are gloriously and wonderfully made, and until you let in your resolute greatness, you will feel the constant pang of its absence. You are not other people’s expectations. You are not the sum of all the parts thrust upon you, whether societal or familial. You are not a product of your environment. The only thing you are, is yours: you own you.

Within the pages of this book, you will find that through the world’s deafening noise, there is a quiet space—a path that will lead you back to your soul. It is here that you can unify the fragmented particles of the stardust from which you are made, from which we are all made. You were created to make waves. You were created to whip up the wind. You were created to move mountains.

The Ping

If you feel something’s missing, it probably is. It starts as a quiet ping, then becomes deafening. Restlessness sets in, then listlessness. Things once fulfilling become mundane. But you can break free. You can learn to move mountains. And it’s far simpler than you think.

Home Alone

First, understand that you are not alone. You are in a co-creative relationship with the most powerful Force in existence. And I truly mean a Force. It lives, breathes, and moves within you, outside you, and for you. It’s a light in the darkness, a voice in the storm, and the echo of your soul: the seed of creation. It is, and functions as, a (and your) You-niverse.

Universe is a relative term that changes meaning based upon who’s engaged in the conversation. Some feel it’s God and God’s respective playground; others may say it’s simply empty space; many believe it’s the echo and responsive liquidity of the Collective, our spirits all combining to form a super-conscious higher mind.

Regardless of how you define the immensity of the concept of time and space (or the Universe) is immaterial, seeing as it’s seeded within you independent from the mental construct informing your view of the world around you. In learning more about the Grid Work (to be covered in a later chapter), we’ll focus on the star-dusted Universal seed inside you and how it cultivates your relationship between you and your higher intellect.Your You-niverse is the fundamental unified structure within which you incubate your truest expression. And it cannot, in any way, be divided. You and the Universal co-creative Force are bound in spirit, sinew, blood, and bone, all forged together by the Universe’s ultimate expression of Love, or Light Originated Variant Energy—which is the fuel of creation.

This is not referencing a romanticized or commercial version of love; it’s exploring the basis of all that we are: Love propels an initial electric pulse. That pulse seeks ionic density. Those ions attract creation energy. That energy becomes matter. And that matter becomes you. The nucleus of the message here is that you are part of a vast family of living things wrapped into the fabric of spatial formation, all of which desire to play with you, to create with you . . . and to support you.

The illusion of separation—or believing you are alone and/or not part of the larger structure—is one of the most dangerous myths you can adopt as your truth. It breeds dis-ease, which is a byproduct of repressed expression—Love without motion—and suffering, which is a byproduct of active resistance to the truth of who you are. How then does this play out in practical terms? By eventually, if left unaddressed, bringing you to your knees.

When you’re locked inside the confines of your humanness (the mental/physical plane) and have neglected to include and/or call upon your limitlessness (the Universal plane), you will be in a constant state of lack—not because you don’t deserve more, but because you don’t believe you deserve more. When you are in union with primary Force and Universal truth, all that is will consistently conspire to manifest your highest good. In essence, believing is seeing.

Harnessing The Elements

Our bodies are oceanic in their makeup. Water is our lifeline and a primary conductor of electrical current. That current, when unable to flow, results in a state of inaction, or that which must move (energy/spirit) blocked by that which is unmovable (mind/will). This lack of flow translates to: the opposite of love is not hate, but rather, inaction.

The mind, with a healthy dose of urging from the ego, wants to keep us bound by the illusion of separation because it perceives unification with the Universe’s Source as a loss of control.

Mostly, this is a leftover function of a primitive mindset: “Total control over my environment means I won’t die,” or “Total control over my territory means my family won’t die,” or “If everyone stays inside my territory, we won’t die.” In modern terms, “inside the territory” can be replaced with “inside the mind.” Fundamentally, the primitive mind does not seek exploration or new territory. Instead, the primitive mind believes small equals safe and that known trumps unknown.

The primitive mindset demands that all elements be under its control. But the state of our being is to call forth the elements in co-creation. Control negates the sense of wonder and play necessary to manifest, which is where the distinction of love versus inaction becomes vital: manifestation of the mind is small and temporary; manifestation of the spirit is expansive and lasting.

Calling forth the elements and learning to balance them within you is your greatest asset—and challenge—as a human being. Unification and relationship with Source states: “As above, so below.” Or more clearly, “The elements of the Universe reside within me, and I reside within the elements of the Universe.”

It’s important to understand that everyone has a driving element, one that is both vice and virtue depending on its state of balance. As an example, take an individual whose driving element is fire: they get things done, they fuel progress, and they light up the night. But if unbalanced, they can also burn themselves and others out, in turn creating drama or setting their lives ablaze.

Every minute of every day, we are managing a volatile ecosystem within and outside us: mind, ego, elements, Universal unity, spirit, will, heart, body—the list is endless. These items on their own can feel overwhelming, and we’ve yet to add the variables of living to the list. What happens when we add work, children, partners, and families? More often than not, the result is a lack of balance and in an environment without balance, our mind will go into lockdown. The primitive mindset takes control and our limitlessness is wrestled into the territory of small equals safe.

As a result, we end up stuck and paralyzed by inaction, where that which must move is blocked by that which is unmovable. Or that which was once open terrain is now a range of mountains. But what those mountains know and can teach us will unlock all that we are meant to be, if we only have the courage to listen and, more importantly, to seek their counsel.

Call To Action

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